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The Doctor and Rose Tyler
  • “From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soul mates. They understand and complement each other.” – Russell T Davies
  • “What Rose brings to the Doctor’s life is completion. It’s completing a circle – he’s male, he’s alien, he’s a traveler. Between the two of them together they complement each other and discover each other. And are in love with each other – absolutely, unashamedly, unreservedly.” – Russell T Davies
  • “It’s a love story…it’s like love at first sight, in a way.” – Christopher Eccleston 
  • “The Doctor is literally thrown into this bizarre new circumstance before he’s properly gotten himself together after saying farewell to Rose, who was the love of his life.” – David Tennant
  • “I think Rose was unique in the sense that she loved him and he loved her back. And it was more than just a hint, it was deeply emotional.” – Freema Agyeman
  • “The Doctor and Rose love each other. I think it’s that simple.” – Euros Lyn
  • “She’s the one woman, the one human, that can make him better– that can make him a bigger character, a better man.” – Julie Gardner
  • “From first holding the Doctor’s hand to a farewell on a beach, Rose is the Doctor’s reason to fight, to endure, to ensure there’s light in the darkness. Together they can achieve anything. As Episode 9 describes it, they are the stuff of legends.” – Julie Gardner
  • “Obviously and quite overtly, really, the subtext of this show is that the Doctor is hopelessly in love with Rose.” – Steven Moffat
Something I wanted to finish for Nili’s birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NILI!!! >:D< 

You are the funnest, most awesome, nicest, craziest, loveliest, friendliest person (and the most famous Doctor Who fangirl on Tumblr) and ksdjfdsf you deserve all the love!

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